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At the given date and time (weekly schedule posted below), meet at post 1. It appears 30 minutes in advance of the hour (barring unusual circumstances), giving us a chance to set our goals in the comments. Declare your goal. Work toward furthering your project; word counting, revision, or whatever it needs - you decide.

Post 2: WE ARE UNPLUGGED! announces our hour. During that time, we write! The rules: no procrastinations. Please feel free to make tea or stand on your head as needed.

When the time is up, Post 3 appears with a chat box and we will get a chance to converse, or you can comment old-style to tell us what you got done! We are dying to know!

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May 21, 2010

Post 3: Reconvention!

So, do tell! What happened?

A chat box will  be here the first 1/2 hour after our unplug. Please sign up (I think you  will have to begin an account with Chatroll but it only takes a  second). After our chat I will remove the chat box and post the  highlights. For posterity's sake. If all else fails, please post your  report in the comments. If there is something I can fix I will do it as  quick as I can. And if you just prefer to do it the old school way, in  comments, that is fine too.

The chat where Heather kicked Kate's pen(or qwerty) in the war of the practice room words (even both of them were revising as they went)! We decided that time zones are the hardest thing about living on the internet, otherwise there are some fabulous folks here, and that Kate brings a ton to The Practice Room and that we all want to write our next book more quickly!

Marc Acito: Books: How I Paid for College and Attack of the Theater People, also coined the phrase the lazana method of writing
Erica Orloff: writes the Magickeepers series for mg under the name Erica Kirov. Heather's considers her blog the master class in writing
And Heather shared the Brainstorming Web: It's where you put something in the middle of a page, and draw a circle around it. Like "Tina's book." and then you put an idea next to it, and put it in a circle and draw a line between them, with whatever your first idea was. And then whatever you think of next, you put down. The whole point is to NOT CENSOR. To just write down ideas, and how they are connected.


Unpluggage hour is from  11 AM (est) until 12 PM. Meet you back here after!

Post 1: Unpluggage Begins 11 AM eastern

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